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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Why is DMY offline? Homeland Security?

Nope. Just my own stupidity, sorry. It would be much more exciting if I were on some sort of watch list and were interfered with, but I don't flatter myself. Who knows, maybe I should.

Regardless, we messed up with the domain registration. For stupid reasons, it's registered through another company than our more than fantastic hosting company,, and we hadn't updated the notification email ... so we missed it when they told us it was about to expire. That simple. And now it's changed.

Regardless, it will co$t us a pretty penny to get it out of lockdown by ICANN before it goes on the market again. (Which, by the way, we've already done, so don't worry about DMY getting hijacked by some rabid right wing schmucks. It's still run by us rabid left wing schmucks.)

Let it be a lesson to the rest of us on the left who have this tendency to not be so organized: Get with the program.


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