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Monday, January 24, 2005

Pre-Apocalyptic DC

For those of you who didn't get to the inauguration, you missed a glimpse of what might be coming.

It was amazing how effectively DC was shut down and controlled for the inauguration. Literally, about 100 square blocks were closed to traffic. Which means that in some sections, streets were totally abandoned, except for dark-tinted SUVs from the FBI, cop cars, and believe it or not, busses blocking off entire streets.

Helicopters flew overhead like constantly spying mosquitos, and there wasn't a square foot without a cop or two, at least. I kept saying "post-apocalyptic" until someone suggested my sense of history was off, and corrected me with "pre-apocalyptic."

Now I know what it will look like in DC when the next attack happens and we're under martial law. Only the cops will be much less friendly.

Not that I blame anyone; this was definitely a high-profile target for terror. It's still a real threat. But it' s still unnerving in the context of the increasingly-controlled-and-controlling, secretive, and vindictive Bush administration to witness DC being as controlled as Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan.

But honestly, that doesn't disturb me as much as the sheer in-your-face arrogance and hubris, the sheer cost of this thing, with no respect for either real conservative values of thrift, no respect for the hundreds of thousands dead in the tsunami, and no respect for the District of Columbia, who the Bushies screwed to the tune of 12 million dollars for the cost of security, as we mentioned previously on the blog.

And the mink... oy. And the gaggles of born-again school trips. And the angry young brown suit Republicans.

...And of course, the fact that all this security is largely necessary because of international policies like Bush's over the years.

Believe me, there is no going back to pre-9/11, and there's going to be no slowing down until we get responsible and progressive candidates in office who don't alienate and provoke the rest of the world.

Sure, it's a dangerous world. Neither I nor you are so stupid as to fall into the sterotypical but incorrect "why can't we all get along" image of liberals that so many knee-jerk jerk Republicans have of us. That's stupid.

It's a jungle out there. But only idiots tease the animals.


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