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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Elections In Iraq (and Columbus)

First let’s deal with the bullshitters: No, “we” do not want elections and democracy to fail in Iraq. Let’s not be idiots here, shall we?

Regardless of anyone’s position on the war on Iraq, the only people who actually want democracy to fail there are either far-left morons or far-right morons. The far-lefties, like some of the more obnoxious A.N.S.W.E.R. people I know and the like want democracy to fail in Iraq to prove the Bushies and American imperialism wrong. The far-righties don’t officially want democracy to fail, but if you look at their idea of democracy… exactly.

That said, elections in Iraq are both a stepping stone and a sham all in one. We can look the behavior of the Bushies regarding the elections in the United States to predict the basics of what will happen in Iraq. Here, “elections are imperfect,” and anyone questioning the process or the outcome is called an adherent to the “X-files wing of the Democratic party.” No reform will be allowed, no need for it will be acknowledged, and the electoral winners talk loudly and religiously about cooperation but continue to steamroll any opposition, and beat critics as violently as possible with olive branches, just as they’ve been doing all along.

There, the Bush administration and its cons will declare victory regardless of the facts on the ground, just like they’ve done from the start. They will “be positive” by endlessly repeating the looped fact that elections are happening and therefore democracy is a success (and “hard work”), ignoring the cost in American (1400+ lives, 20,000 injuries) blood, Iraqi blood (at least 25,000, possibly over 100,000 killed, probably a million wounded), future damage to Iraqis (Depleted Uranium is again being used and left in Iraq for future generations of birth defects and cancer) international law, and history.

Just as Mission Accomplished was declared by Bush trotting around in his Air Force Drag, Election Accomplished will be a rhetorical and marketing achievement, but mean very little to either winning the hearts and minds, or even just winning the war.


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