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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's NOT about Rumsfeld

Even though it is.

Even though I want to see that bastard go as much as anyone, and even though he' s been largely responsible for the chaos and failures in Iraq, this is really a trial on Bush and his administration. And those around it and guiding it.

At any time, co-presidents Bush or Rove, or others could have demanded the Humvee armor, could have demanded changes in the Iraq strategy.

And that's why it's about Bush and his administration.

Bush let it happen. Bush didn't have the vision. Bush didn't control Rumsfeld. Bush asked him to return. Bush told the world he was happy that Rumsfeld stayed on.

Just put that on top of the Bernie Kerrick example of poor judgement (this guy was supposed to be responsible for HOMELAND SECURITY, after all), and Gonzalez, the nominee for Attorney General who thought of the Geneva Convention as "quaint." And it tells you a tremendous amount about the judgement of the president.

And that is what this is about.

It's what we need to keep it focused on.

Absolutely, take down Rumsfeld. The man is a menace. Prevent the confirmation of Gonzalez. And all the while, keep the hot spotlight right where it belongs. On the man at the top. (Not just Rove, but Bush, too).