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Wednesday, December 15, 2004



Testimony Described as 'Show Stopper'!
'Stunner', 'Jaws Dropped'!
Audible 'Gasps' heard in chamber room!


The BRAD BLOG has just received an exclusive first-hand account of Clint Curtis' sworn testimony (as reported earlier) to the Judiciary Committee Democrats holding hearings this morning in Columbus, Ohio on Election 2004 Voting Irregularities.

The software programmer, whose sworn affidavit was first reported by The BRAD BLOG, named Republican U.S. Congressman Tom Feeney (a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee!) as having asked him to create "vote-rigging" software in a meeting at Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI) prior to the 2000 elections!

Feeney was, at the time of the alleged meeting, a Florida legislator and later became Speaker of the Florida House. He was also the running mate to Jeb Bush in his failed 1994 bid for Florida Governor.

Curtis was the only witness to be sworn in at today's hearings.

Here is the exclusive account as we've just received it by a very reliable BRAD BLOG source inside the committee hearings!

The following account may sound melodramatic but it is highly accurate.

None of these are quotes and represent my best recollection.

At apprx 1p, after a witness had finished, cliff arnebeck -- who had given a presentation some time before -- interjected and asked to call one more witness. He was given permission to do so. He said he was calling clint curtis.

Some of the audience literally gasped while others applauded. They clearly knew who he was.

Curtis stood at the front of room with arnebeck seated behind him. Curtis was about five to ten feet from the members of congress. At the front of the room, he placed his hand on a bible and was sworn. To my knowledge, he was the only witness sworn.

Arnebeck began a direct examination of curtis with basic questions, name, residence....

Then got to his qualifications.

Then, he asked curtis something like whether voting machines could be hacked. He said yes. Arnebeck asked him on what he based that opinion. He said because I wrote a program that could do it. Arnebeck asked when that happened. Curtis said feeney had asked him to design such a program at yang enterprises.

Jaws dropped. Tubbs jones and waters looked shocked.

Tubbs jones, waters and nadler asked questions. Waters asked him to repeat who asked him to do it. Congressman feeney, he said. Nadler asked him some questions, as did tubbs jones and a state senator.

Curtis was asked what he would conclude if there was such a substantial deviation btwn exit polls and actual results. He said he would conclude the election had been hacked. Gasps. Could have heard a pin drop.

In the end, curtis was very very convincing to everyone in attendance. He was a show stopper, a stunner. It was a really amazing moment.


As we've previously reported since breaking our original exclusive story on the Curtis affidavit [PDF] last week (Key articles are linked in a box in our right sidebar) Curtis last week met privately with staffers on the Judiciary Committee as well as Senate staffers.

Wired Magazine revealed today in their article on Curtis that it was staffers in Sen. Bill Nelson's office with whom Curtis met last week in D.C.

Nelson oversees NASA in the Senate. Curtis had charged in his affidavit that an employee, Hai Lin Nee (a/k/a Henry Nee) with whom Curtis worked at Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI) had inserted "wiretapping routines" into programs that YEI had been contracted to create for NASA, among other companies (including the Florida Dept. of Transportation).

Nee was charged with shipping chips used in Hellfire anti-tank missiles to the Peoples Republic of China in March of this year, and has since plead guilty to one of those counts (more on Nee soon!)

At the time of the alleged October 2000 meeting at YEI when Curtis claims that Feeney asked him to create a "vote-rigging software prototype", Feeney was a member of the Florida Legislature, a corporate attorney for YEI, as well as being a registered lobbyist for the company.

Feeney was said to have been, at the time, the only registered lobbyist known to have been serving concurrently as a legislator in the 160 member Florida statehouse.

Shortly thereafter, Feeney became Speaker of the Florida Legislature.

In 2002 Feeney won a U.S. Congress seat in the newly created 24th Florida congressional district.

Feeney was the running mate to Jeb Bush during his first failed bid for Governor in 1994.

As we noted earlier, Wired Magazine article quotes YEI Attorneys as saying that Curtis was a "disgruntled employee", but does not note that the Attorney who made the statement is both a campaign contributor to Feeney, and, as well, is Feeney's former law partner in Florida.

As well, there seems to be little to indicate that Curtis was "disgruntled" with YEI or vice versa. He submitted his resignation in December of 2000 and stayed on, at YEI's request for an additional six weeks afterwards until a replacment could be found.

It has been reported YEI threw a "farewell party" for Curtis, and email correspondce that The BRAD BLOG has seen would indicate that employees -- including Nee -- missed Curtis a great deal in the months after he finally left the company.


UPDATE: Video of portions of Curtis' testimony now available online!

In Case You Missed It...

(This from co-conspirator John Lawler:)

...The Ohio Election Fraud Scandal has finally made it to the MSM
(mainstream media). …. They couldn’t completely ignore the story, although they’ve tried… Bits and pieces have been reported over the last month, including the fact that the Greens and Libertarians have asked for a recount and it is underway. Problems with that are popping up already (including allegations of tampering). Also, an official lawsuit has been filed with the Ohio Supreme Court. The suit requests that the current "results" be nullified. On this the media has taken some notice, but if you read the CNN link below, you’ll feel the condescension. Meanwhile, John Kerry has officially joined in the effort, though in such a low-key manner that few alarms have sounded. This may be by design, or it may reflect the fact that overturning this debacle will be extremely difficult given that the Ohio Supreme Court is run by Republicans. Still, the story of questionable election 2004 is breaking…

Rep. John Conyers and a few righteous members of Congress are now investigating. Unfortunately the Republicans obviously won’t support Democrat Conyers, regardless of the facts. Now, Conyers is asking for one million emails demanding that the House Judiciary Committee hold full hearings on the 2004 Election. If you can take the time to blast out an
email it might be worth it. Takes about 2 minutes. One or two sentences is all that’s needed.

Most folks know Bush lies, and most folks know he cheated his way through business and politics, but even then many people are afraid to believe that the Republican Party would cheat to win an election (FL 2000 not withstanding). But remember whom we are dealing with here. And remind yourself that Bush was consistently below 50% in all polls prior to the election AND he was losing big in the exit polls… until something just happened and he won.

Remember, power corrupts: Enron cheated, Nixon ’72 cheated, Kennedy ’60 almost definitely cheated, Ollie North cheated, Worldcom cheated, Ted Kennedy lied about Chappaquiddick, Bernard Kerik appears to have been involved in all kinds of monkey business… Yushenko was poisoned, Neil Bush cheated, Schwarzenegger groped, Clinton lied, Saddam Hussein won 99% of the vote, etc. etc. etc.

Here’s a quick list of links to get you up to speed:

One of the best sites reporting just about everything, including a synopsis
for those not aware of the extent of the mess:

This link encapsulates a lot of the outrageousness of what happened:

And this one outlines what’s in the lawsuit:

And this lays out a few facts to make one highly suspicious about the
integrity of voting in general:

And here’s the CNN Version of what’s going on:

All I want for Christmas is a real democracy.

Happy Holidays!!