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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

To Hell with Hillary: Yushchenko for President in 2008.

Now there’s a leader in an electoral crisis. Could you imagine? What if Kerry and Edwards had come out and said “This is a fraudulent election, and Americans should demand a revote in Florida, Ohio, and New Mexico” (at least). “Get out in the streets and don’t go home until they give in.”

That’s leadership.

But no, Kerry wanted to spare America the heartache of Democracy. So does Bush and the gang, I suppose, but at least they’re more blatant about their hatred of the Democratic process.

I actually did expect more from Kerry and Edwards. I really did. With 17,000 lawyers at the ready, you think they could have used a few of them.

I say, Yushchenko for President in 2008--on the Democratic ticket.

Advice from the "Winners"

I can’t tell you how many emails we get from righteous righties who tell me things like this:

From “TOM”:

When are you people going to realize that you didn't lose the election? America won! And this site will help us win by an even larger number next time. Why? Because MOST of America showed by their votes on Nov. 2 that they are tired of this kind of hate and anger. The leading reason to vote for George Bush was morals. Something I am sorry to say a lot of liberals don't know anything about. So keep it up and please, find a way to put everyone on your e-mail list. It will pay off for us in 2008.

Thanks and God Bless.


You know, I just realized. I can't be mad at you. I think you just clarified something for me. If you think our site is about hatred and anger, it means you can't tell the difference between humour, analysis, strong opinion, hatred, and anger. No wonder you folks are so messed up!


And as usual, as is the case with most liberals, you aren't listening and refuse to listen to any opinion that is contrary to your own. But that's ok. As I said in our last communiqué, because you can't accept the change going in the United States and the reasons for it, you will continue on your present course of operation and it will show in 2008. By the way, spend some time in the history books of our country and the world over the last one hundred years and watch a repeat.



And as usual, as is the case with most self-described conservatives, you aren't listening and refuse to listen to any opinion that is contrary to your own. But that's ok.

By the way, spend some time in the history books of our country and the world over the last one hundred years and watch.

God Bless



Once again, speaking of not listening, good bye.



Regardless, these jackals seem to think they “won” by a landslide and seem to forget both that at least 49 million people think they’re dead wrong, and that the GOP won using as much intimidation, vote rigging, and shenanigans as possible.

Yes, America won, Tom. She got four more years of ignorance and true believers who buy into it.

I think the best lesson we can learn from the history that "Tom" so kindly refers us to is that the more conservative groups will resort to whatever means they can to stay in power, including lying, stealing elections, fear-mongering, unecessary wars for profit and power, misleading the public, and more lying. And did I mention bald faced lying?

Monday, November 29, 2004

Open Letter to John Kerry

This from my friend John Lawler (of Bushocchio fame) to the Kerry folks:

Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.
P.O. Box 34640
Washington, DC 20043
202-712-3001 (fax)

Dear John Kerry,

I realize you have important reasons to stay at arm’s length from all of the “conspiracy theories” about the election being stolen. But you and I both know something smells mighty foul out there…

As Greg Palast has clearly explained*, an entire class of people have been disenfranchised and sent to the back of Ohio’s voting bus. This is a provable systematic violation of the Voting Rights Act. If you want to win in 2004 or win in 2008 you could do far worse than fighting against massive racial discrimination.

In the process you could open Pandora’s electronic voting box. Go ahead, let those demons out. If America really knew how corrupt and inaccurate the current system is they’d be outraged. Heaven knows the news media won’t fully expose this disaster on it’s own.

You once said about the Bush-Cheney machine, “these guys are the most crooked, lying group I've ever seen." You were right. And you must be the one to expose this truth and more. Do the right thing and you will see reward. America has so much to gain, and frankly you don’t have that much to lose... The millions of hard working lefties that toiled for you this year will not be there in 2008 unless you are here for democracy NOW.

You told us you operate from your mother’s dying advice “integrity, integrity, integrity.” America asks you now to please act from the highest rectitude. You know this is injustice. Integrity demands that you do not let this stand.


John Lawler


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Democracy Lessons from Ukraine

Seems to me we should be learning a whole lot of lessons from the Ukraine.

After their fraudulent election, there were hundreds of thousands out in the streets, calling for a general strike, refusing to go home, refusing to capitulate. And so far, they look like they might win.

On the other hand, we've sat here, gotten depressed instead of angry, wouldn't dream of a general strike, and are whining about how unfair it all is.

Maybe things are just not quite bad enough here. In the Ukraine, it's pretty clear. Either they're going to go back the the old USSR model of repression like is happening in Russia, or they're going to move forward towards Europe. They know the stakes.

Those of us who know the stakes here can't give in.

Don't be nice.

Don't try to smooth things over.

Don't comprimise.

Don't accept the "results." They were rigged. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Recount, sure. But I want a REVOTE. We should be demanding a revote in Ohio and Florida, without the obviously flawed electronic voting machines and partisan Secretaries of State.