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Monday, December 27, 2004

Ukraine, Rove, and the Dirtiest Tricks Around

Again, it looks like we have another lesson to learn from Ukraine.

And, apparently, Ukraine has learned a lesson from us.

Victor Yushenko has won the election, after being granted a revote by the Supreme Court. No surprise to anyone. And Yanikovich is threatening to go to the same Supreme Court that he dissed last time around, challenging the election on bizarre bases.

He’s suddenly concerned with the voting plight of millions of the disabled, complaining that they were disenfranchised by the election reforms, that—and correct me if I’m wrong here—that he demanded be enacted.

I think he’s been talking to Karl Rove.

It’s classic “conservative” strategy, whether you’re talking Ukraine, Russia, Texas, or the whole damn United States. And Karl Rove has been doing it for 30 years.

Cheat. Deny it. Question the integrity of the person or body judging you. Question the legitimacy of the process. Then if you lose, use the same things to challenge the outcome of events. Cry bloody murder about law and order, then break the law as much as possible without getting caught.

Sure, most politicians and political parties do it. It’s politics. But no one has done it to the degree that the current Republican party, led by Karl Rove, is achieving.

If you haven’t read it, there’s a fantastic in-depth history of Karl Rove’s chicanery from the New Yorker article a few years ago. It starts from his dirty tricks in the early 70s to win by any means possible the leadership of the College Republicans organization. His history since then has been various reenactments of the same ruthlessness and misusage of rules to achieve exactly the opposite of what they were intended to do that he engaged in there.

Read it and understand what’s happening. Here’s a link to a most-likely unauthorized reprinting of the New Yorker article. (If for some reason it’s been removed, you can just do a Google search with “Karl Rove New Yorker” and get someone’s posting of it.)

And when you’re done, read “Bush’s Brain.” Or see the movie. It’s the scariest thing you’ve read ever.

Whether Yanikovich studied Rove or not, the tactics are the same. We need to learn from the Orange Opposition (Yuschenko) in Ukraine. We need to be out on the streets screaming until we get real Democracy.

And we need to watch very carefully what Rove and the Republicans learn from it, too.


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