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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

To Hell with Hillary: Yushchenko for President in 2008.

Now there’s a leader in an electoral crisis. Could you imagine? What if Kerry and Edwards had come out and said “This is a fraudulent election, and Americans should demand a revote in Florida, Ohio, and New Mexico” (at least). “Get out in the streets and don’t go home until they give in.”

That’s leadership.

But no, Kerry wanted to spare America the heartache of Democracy. So does Bush and the gang, I suppose, but at least they’re more blatant about their hatred of the Democratic process.

I actually did expect more from Kerry and Edwards. I really did. With 17,000 lawyers at the ready, you think they could have used a few of them.

I say, Yushchenko for President in 2008--on the Democratic ticket.


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