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Friday, December 31, 2004

Bush and Friends Wish You A Cynical New Year

In honor of the new year and the dead, Mr. Bush had the temerity to use the largest international tragedy in history as a springboard for a political assault on the United Nations.

This week, a high-level assistant at the UN accused the Bush-run US of being, more or less, "stingy" for donating only $35 million, to start with, for tsunami-related relief.

I gotta say, Bush had it coming.

While I know very well that US disaster aid is far more than money--we always send food, water, medical aid, etc., etc., etc.--the important point here is that the Bushies once again do the minimum possible until they're caught, then they try to make up for it.

Whether it's (missing) armor for humvess, (missing) troops to do the job right, (missing) civil rights, or (missing) international aid, this is a bunch of hyperpolitical, primarily self-centered, arrogant elites who don't seem to give a damn about anything but their agenda. If it requires following the law, or decency, or even just appearing decent, in order to achieve their agenda, they will. Otherwise, forget it.

Regardless, the far more important issue as far as I'm concerned is the under-reported agenda behind creating a so-called "coalition" to lead the world in responding to the tsunami tragedy.

The Bushies are "creating" a "coalition" of the US, Australia, Japan, and India to "help the tsunami victims."

Now, with the vastly-experienced United Nations available with already-existing organizing experts and structures, why do you suppose the Bushies want to create their own coalition, if not to continue their agenda of sidelining the UN at every opportunity (unless they need the UN's imprinteur).

Not only that, but Bush took a moment to once again don his "courageous wartime leadership" hat by saying, and I kid you not, "We will prevail over this destruction."

Neocons of all stripes (all one of them, that is) believe that the UN is Satan's gift to the world. They see it as ineffectual, but more importantly, in their way when they want to do something like, say, depose Saddam Hussein or encourage Ariel Sharon to bulldoze houses and people with impunity.

So, disgustingly, the Bushies are quite cynically using the biggest disaster in the history of the world (so it's been called, with over 120,000 dead so far) as a political tool to sideline the UN and slap the face of Kofi Anan and the rest of the world who dares to disagree with their narrow agenda.

Any effective leader, whether in business, politics, or war, will tell you that it's best in an emergency to use the existing structure, improve it if necessary, and get done what needs to get done.

But effective humanitarian aid is not the first priority of these people. It's political power, and punishing those who oppose them.

Happy New Year.


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