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Monday, November 01, 2004

Q: Why is voting for Nader like whacking off?

A: Because it feels good to only you, doesn’t achieve anything, and makes a mess.

Please forward this to everyone you know.

If you know someone who’s planning to vote for Nader, remind them that this election is not just about Bush and Cheney, it’s about all the people surrounding them as well. Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and all the scaries from the religious right like Ashcroft, Jerry Falwell, and the rest.

This will almost definitely be at least as close an election as 2000. Remind them that the 2000 election was lost by just 537 votes. 537. You alone know that many people. So do they. Make sure they realize that their vote could mean the difference between another four years of Bush and no chance for improvement, or four years under Kerry with at least a chance for change. Kerry can be influenced by the left; Bush can not.

Remind them that Renquist has thyroid cancer, and likely between two and four Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by this President.

Remind them that Bush has appointed over 100 extremely conservative Federal Judges during his Presidency, who decide the vast majority of all criminal cases in the country. Legal precedents are being set by these judges as we speak, interpretations of law from drug sentencing to medical malpractice, to rape, molestation, divorce, and custody battles.

Remind them of the damage to the environment under Bush. The damage to unions. The damage to worker’s rights. Civil rights. Social services. Foreign policy. Our international standing. Abortion rights. Voting rights. Remind them about touch-screen voting and Diebold.

Remind them that the world is nervously watching to see what Americans will do. The world does not understand how America could have elected Bush in the first place, and how Americans could possibly reelect Bush again.

Remind them of the estimated twenty-to-one-hundred thousand Iraqis who have died because of Bush. Or the 1,000 Americans killed or 8,000 injured.

Remind them of the 225 billion dollars spent on the war instead of America.

Remind them that all they care about is at stake, and that they and Nader can more effectively fight for those things, including third-party participation, with Kerry in office rather than Bush.

We believe Nader—and they—could make third party participation more a reality by leveraging Instant Runoff Voting in Democratically-controlled state legislatures… that will actually put it in place and show that it works.

See for more on that.

Remind them that pragmatism is more important than pride and idealism. That’s how the Republicans managed a coup in 2000. Pragmatism and party discipline.

Remind them that France almost got LePen in 2002 because the left was fragmented and he won the largest share of all the fragments. The left then coalesced and got rid of him, but only because of solidarity. We need everyone.

If they think the country will get bad enough for a “revolution,” tell them to think again, and think of Germany in the 1930s. Hitler also got into power in part because of a fragmented left. Is it really worth the death and destruction to make a point?

Tell them to hold their noses and vote for Kerry, and that you will, in exchange, volunteer to help on an issue important to them after the election. Follow through.

This is about the future of not just the United States, but the world. The future depends on them. And you.


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