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Monday, November 15, 2004

Powell Resigns: Is he also just trying to sell books?

It’s about time, Mr. Powell. But it’s too bad you’re still falling on grenades for your boss.

It’s really a shame that he didn’t have the courage of his General’s rank to do the right thing before the election… and before the war, before the 1200 American boys and girls who died in Iraq, and the several thousand more who died from their wounds upon coming home. Not to mention the up to 20,000 injured, or the possibly up to 100,000 Iraqi dead and hundreds of thousands injured.

Colin Powell has been one of the great disappointments for moderates--and even more left-leaning liberals--everywhere. We all expected that he would actually bring a voice of moderation to the radical neoconservative policies of this administration.

But unfortunately, he turned out to be too much of a foot soldier to actually do the right thing. We’ve even heard him and Condi called “Uncle Tom & Aunt Jemimah.” Harry Belafonte even called Powell m a “house nigger.” And I haven’t found many to disagree.

The unfortunate thing about the replacements of Powell, Ashcroft, Spencer Abraham, and Rod Paige--just as with Trent Lott--is that they will be replaced with people who probably seem more personable and flexible but, like Bush himself, are actually wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Watch and see. I won’t say I told you so.

Actually, yes I will.


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