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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bush Will Blunder Arafat's Death, As Well

I have absolute faith in Bush to mess up the Mideast peace process again now that Arafat is dying. I predict that Bush will not honor any elected offical unless approved by Israel.

The entire time Bush has been in office, he has done not one thing useful for the peace process. He has sidelined the Palestinians, he has not held Israel accountable, he has exacerbated all the situations there by invading Iraq, and, as they say, much, much more.

It's a tremendous opportunity with the right people behind it. Unfortunately, both Bush and Sharon will stonewall anything that doesn't abide by their preferences, leading to more armed rebellion.

From the Neocon (and therefore Bush's) perspective, this will open up the can of the Middle East for a remaking of it in their image. Their plan has always been to (forceably) create "Democracy" in at least one Middle East country and watch as the "love for freedom" travels from one country to another like a virus of love.

However, like the candy and flowers that were supposed to greet American soliders in Iraq, this is guaranteed to turn ugly. Not because Democracy is not infectious, but because arrogance is not.

I believe the Bushies and the Neocons will jump at this opportunity and try to strongarm their image of a new PA, supporting Israel in heavy-handed tactics, and leaving even more people radicalized.


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