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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Patriot Games and Election Fraud

More and more reports are coming in about voting problems, downright fraud, sign-stealing, and a whole host of election shenanigans. I think that a good number of these people actually believe they are doing this for the "good of the country." Amazing.

You can't get to truth by lying. You can't achieve thoughtful peace through reactive violence. And you cannot achieve Democracy by being a fascist, sorry guys.

But then again, Democracy is not what a lot of other folks who are actually in power, like Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell have in mind. Those are a different animal. These are people who believe that if you're rich and powerful, it's because you're a good person, and if you're not, you're a bad person, and it's God punishing you. These are people who see no problem with patronage, cronyism, and election fraud. They are just interested in power, and they need to be removed. Keep them in mind the next 17 days while you work your ass off.


We hear from Ohio that both sides are stealing signs, although the Republicans are videotaping their signs in case anyone steals them, and making police reports. Democrats can’t be bothered, probably because they just have a life and think it’s too petty to videotape and file a police report. Ixnay on the videotape, but it’s important to file a police report, petty as it seems. Most of the coverage I’ve heard about sign stealing is about BUSH-CHENEY signs being stolen. Police reports are evidence and can and should be taken to the local media to make sure they cover sign theft equally. HEAR THIS: Republicans are taking advantage of this by being organized and making it look like they’re being victimized by Democratic sign-stealers. (Good lord, this is so 6th-grade!) But it’s important that the coverage is balanced, so file reports and tell the media.

Also in Ohio, the Secretary of State, who originally tried to disenfranchise voters by invalidating voter registration forms not submitted on (good lord) 80-lb. official paper, is now suing to make sure that Ohioans can’t vote unless they vote at the polling station on their registration card. This is counter to Ohio’s long history of voters being allowed to vote anywhere in their county and counter to the Help America Vote Act. And the most audacious part is that they are doing this under the guise of election reform. Hello kids, can you say “hypocrite?” I knew you could.

Call (Republican) Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell and tell him “how dare you” and demand that he work to INCLUDE rather than EXCLUDE voters. Tell him you will eat his children. His contact numbers are:

Ohio SOS General Telephone Number (Toll Free): 1-877-767-6446
Ohio SOS General Telephone Number (Local): 1-614- 466-2655

There have been reports in Oregon of Republican voter registration workers, who get paid for Republican signatures, tearing up Democratic registrations. The Oregon S.O.S. is investigating. Expect a lot more to come.

Again, it’s the Republicans and so-called “conservatives” who are trying to limit access to the ballot box, just as they have for 100 years. Whether by Jim Crow laws like poll taxes or literacy tests, playing computerized voting roll list games as they did in Florida in 2000, or whatever other dirty tricks they can pull, the GOP is the party of voter disenfranchisement and dirty tricks. And like schoolyard bullies, they blame others for their behavior, lie about others doing it, and go right back to the bullying the second the teacher turns around. Grow Up, GOP.


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