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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mr. President, You’re No Ronald Reagan

Not that I was at all fond of Reagan, that charming asshole, but at least he behaved like he was over the Constitutinally-mandated minimum age of 35 in order to be President.

Jesus, could the differences between Kerry and Bush be more clear? In three for three, the choice is clearly between an actual adult who’s articulate, intellectually sound, strong, gentle, and poised (that’s Kerry, by the way), and Bush, who comes off as a petulant child trying to wear his daddy’s too-big suit.

Was anyone else creeped out by Bush’s completely inappropriate smiles? Obviously they coached him to smile every time he had an emotion, but it came off like something out of Helter Skelter. When he talked about abortion with a big grin? Oy. But better for us.

The word “schizophrenic” comes from the Greek “split mind,” and refers to this exact thing, the split between the mind and the emotions. Not that Bush is clinically schizophrenic, but it’s an interesting tidbit. I actually just think he’s a dry drunk: someone who’s stopped drinking, but isn’t, as they say, “in recovery.” Dry drunks are just as fucked up, manipulative, controlling, and angry as they were when they were drinking, but they’re just a bit more in control ‘cuz they’re not sloshed all the time. And in this last debate especially, Bush looked like he was holding onto control with every last ounce of willpower. And he wound up looking like a maniacal child. Which of course, is totally accurate.

I can’t believe people think the debates are more or less even. Even our UPS guy says, “if that’s the case, what show were you watching?” Maybe the Sopranos.

His answers about whether homosexuality is a choice were pathetic. Kerry’s were masterful. But I wish he’d also mentioned Newt Gingrich’s sister in addition to Dick Cheney’s daughter. Oh well. We’ll mention it here.

Another thing: anyone who’s seen live comedy knows how painful it is to watch a comic crash and burn on stage… you know, when they’re just NOT funny? That was Dubya last night. The only thing he said that was actually funny with a delivery that didn’t seem like it came from an ill-tempered teenager trying to show off in front of his girlfriend when he’s actually scared shitless was the self-deprecating jokes about how the women in his life tell him not to grimace. The rest, well, just seemed bizarre.

He tried to refer to the 60 Minutes debacle with the documents whose authenticity (but not content) is in question by saying something like “I don’t know if we should trust the mainstream medi --- oh never mind” but it fell flat. There were several others, but they all seemed really weak. Obviously I’m not saying that a President should have to be a comedian, but his weak delivery showed a great deal about his state of mind: out of context, disjointed, and frankly, kinda pitiful.

I’m feeling more and more hopeful about the election every day.


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