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Friday, October 15, 2004

Mary Cheney, Chelsea Clinton, and Total Hypocrisy

Let’s get one thing “straight” about Mary Cheney. She’s the adult daughter of the incumbent Vice President. She’s going to get in the spotlight from time to time, especially when her father’s a huge hypocrite.

Remember Chelsea-bashing back in the day? People said she was ugly, fat, spoiled, snobby, whatever… and those are the nicer ones. All that from the time pre-teen until, well, some of it still continues. John Derbyshire of the lovely National Review “wrote” a column in which suggested (by insinuation of course) that Hillary Clinton should be killed, and that he hated her just for being a Clinton.* It was partially satire, but the point is, far crueler and disrespectful things have been said about Chelsea in public and in droves than have ever even been thought about Mary Cheney by the most dogmatic of Democrats.

Fact is, Mary Cheney IS a lesbian. She’s already out of the closet. There’s not a thing nasty about reminding people of that fact. No one on this side of the fence is ashamed of it. And neither Kerry nor Edwards implied anything different. What Lynn Chaney hates is that she and Dick got outed to the nation as Texas-sized hypocrites.

I mean, really. Here’s a family who, starting with getting hawkish “I had more important things to do” Dick out of serving in the Viet Nam War, proceeding to work with the fantastically immoral and downright nasty Nixon administration, shilled for megacorporations while serving in the Senate, worked for them when he wasn’t in the Senate, contributed to policies of war and aggression that have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people over the last thirty years… the real question is “Do you believe unbridled greed, maliciousness, and ethical “Why isn’t Mary Cheney ashamed of her parents?”

When Dick Cheney is part of an administration that singularly targeted gays and lesbians to EXCLUDE them from a certain category of rights—in the Constitution—using both subltle and blatant homophobia as a way of pandering to the religious right and homophobic “conservatives,” then yes, repeating DICK CHENEY’S DAUGHTER IS A LESBIAN is a valid and effective way to point out the outright hypocrisy of Cheney and Bush.

Let’s be really, really honest here, folks. If Cheney/Bush hadn’t been screaming about “Defense of Marriage! One man, one woman! Constitutional amendment!,” this would have never come up. If they hadn’t been using homophobia as much as humanly possible to foment fear and hatred in their target audience, “If you don’t vote for us, Kerry will ruin your family by letting homos marry,” this would have never been brought up. I wonder how many gays got bashed, harassed, fired, or worse because of their legitimization of homophobia and the “lesser” status of gays and lesbians. And they have the audacity to act victimized.

My only criticism about Kerry’s comment last night was that he forgot to mention that Newt Gingrich’s sister is a lesbian as well. And that J. Edgar Hoover liked to wear dresses, and all of them are God’s children, too. But at least Candace Gingrich had the sense to be loudly outspoken against her brother’s policies and a progressive political activist.

I have as much sympathy for Mary Cheney (who’s apparently narrow-sighted enough to work in her father’s campaign) and the Cheney family as I do Rush Limbaugh and the hard time he got for his “little problem,” or as much as I have for Eva Braun when she said during the final storming of Berlin by the Allies when she said, “I can’t believe this is happening. It almost makes one question one’s faith in God.”

Bottom line? It is easier for George Bush to pass through the eye of a needle than for Dick Cheney to get to heaven.

* For the nasty Chelsea article, see


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